Constitution of the United States

Trump’s Foreign Entanglements – The Emoluments Clause

Our Constitution bans our President from accepting any gift, title or emolument from a foreign government. “Emolument” is a broad term that includes salary, fee, profit or reward. This is in the original document, not an amendment. Our founding fathers intended to shield the office of President from foreign influence. Mr. Trump’s financial disclosure form, which he signed, lists 515 organizations of which he is an officer, mostly “President.” It […]

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Investigate Russian Hacking of 2016 Election

Russia hacked our election, the President-elect refuses to believe our own high-level professional intelligence analysts, and the Republicans in power don’t have a problem with that. I do. Here is what I see from reliable media outlets: Russia hacked the RNC and DNC and obtained private information and emails. Russia leaked DNC emails in an attempt to meddle in our election process. Our intelligence agencies have reasonable cause to believe […]

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