Virginia Voters: Get redistricting reform out of committee

This post is for Virginia voters.

The Virginia General Assembly regularly receives legislation to amend the state constitution to change the way we do redistricting after the census every ten years. It regularly gets killed in committee.

OneVirginia2021 lobbied the House Privileges and Elections – Constitutional Subcommittee the week of January 23, 2017. The committee will be voting on some of the legislation on January 30, early in the morning. Here are the names, phone numbers and email addresses of the committee members:

Randall Minchew,, 804-698-1010, 703-777-1570

Jackson Miller,, 804-698-1050, 703-244-6172

Timothy Hugo,, 804-698-1040, 703-815-1201

Jason Miyares,, 804-698-1082, 757-353-4696

Joseph Lindsey,, 804-698-1090, 757-623-6522

Marcia Price,, 804-698-1095, 757-266-5935

Mark Cole,, 804-698-1088, 540-786-3402

Here’s the message to give them. Call if you can. Call your own representatives too.

I support redistricting reform.  I support HJ763 in the House of Delegates and SJ290 in the Senate.  I do not want voting districts to favor or disfavor any party or person. These bills would put a stop to political gerrymandering.



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